REI: RENEW Energy Initiative

President's Message

Dear Energy Advocate:

Who said “Energy makes the world go around?” I’m not sure but it got me out of bed this morning and it drives me to learn and share more about a rich and vital commodity.  Energy is the hidden competitive weapon that separates the market leaders from the want to bee’s. It’s a resource to manage, save, convert and generate that may yield dividends to be reinvested in infrastructure, people or brand building.

RENEW Energy Initiative is a mission driven organization that strives to raise the energy IQ of business leaders in the region. Visit our Events Calendar to see a list of formal training programs and member networking events designed to foster fellowship and create new knowledge. Our speakers address  industry technologies, best practices,, public policy and success stories.

I hope to see you at an upcoming event and invite you to join REI and help us to build a region of great opportunity anchored by thoughful energy practices. 


Dennis McCarthy, President